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The main goal of this project is to create a beautifully crafted documentary fully exploring the reality of the RODS phenomena. TBLN Films will present the best scientific and optical experimentations that can be performed on film. This will be backed with testimonies from academic influencers, engineers and amateur researchers alike. The ultimate goal is to change the mind’s of the viewers on this elusive subject, and by doing so we want society to take active steps towards disclosure of this incredible phenomena.

The Cast

Jose Escamilla (Director)

Curtis Hedges (Executive Producer)

Lana Leslie (Producer)

Tonia Madenford (Producer)

Adrian Vallera (Co-Producer)

Mike Bara (Featured Talent – Author/T.V. Personality)

Kenneth Schwartz (Featured Talent – Biologist)

Victoria Liljenquist (Featured Talent)

Wilbur Allen (Featured Talent – Sky Watcher)

Sean Gautreaux (Featured Talent – Sky Watcher)

James Peters (Featured Talent – Sky Watcher)

Michael Curta (Featured Talent – Sky Watcher)

3 Milestones to Success

In order to achieve the tenets of this project we have broken down our crowd funding campaign into 3 Milestones.

(Milestone 1) $50,000 Raised

  1. We will travel and interview the top sky watchers from California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana and end in Washington D.C. (Where Rod activity is persistent.) Along the way we will film RODS everywhere we go in 3 spectral ranges: Visible Light (550nm), Infrared (950nm) and Ultraviolet (350nm).
  2. We will capture in 4K for posterity purposes and make the film available in all viewing resolutions through our distribution partner,
  3.  We will perform 2 optical experiments on film: The Solar Obliteration Technique created by John Bro Wilkie and present 4th Generation Night Vision with IR/UV Lamp Arrays. Both experiments will be accompanied with expert analysis and testimony.

(Milestone 2) $130,000 Raised

  1. Bruce Buffer, legendary ring announcer from the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) will narrate Sky Fish Rods. (Other top billed talent also being considered. Open to donor’s suggestions.)
  2. Reproduce Jose’s Original Sky Fishing protocol test in a controlled environment and outside in the field. Specialized high speed camera (1000+fps), a Red Camera, and an array of high end consumer cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony) will be used. (Optical visual measurements of an 18″ bolt being shot from a 60 lb cross bow VS Insects/Birds captured in flight outside with exact camera protocols in both environments).

(Milestone 3 – Ultimate Goal) $300,000 Raised

  1. Limited theatrical release of the film in 25 markets throughout the United States.
  2. Premiere at the Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA. (Additional information below.)
  3. We will fly to the United Kingdom to Exeter University to conduct an interview and do a forensic analysis on RODS being captured live in front of Dr. Robin Wootton (Insect Flight Expert and Honorary Research Fellow).
  4. Approach top optics authorities, camera and night vision manufacturers for interviews and opinions on the RODS phenomena.
  5. We will explore alternative explanations to the RODS phenomena by seeking interviews from notable scientist, spiritual leaders and politicians.

The Production Timeline

Variables such as location availability, talent schedules, post challenges, etc…can cause the timeline to shift. 

  • Dec. 23rd, 2016 – Mar. 7th, 2017: Sky Fish Crowd Fund Campaign 
  • Mar. 2nd – Jul. 1st, 2017:  Production
  • Jul. 2nd – October 1st, 2017: Post-Production and Fulfillment

October 15th 2017: Exclusive premiere of Sky Fish at Mann’s Chinese Theater if Milestone 3 is achieved.


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Q: Why is the release of the RODS phenomena important to humanity?

If the RODS phenomena was properly researched, cataloged and released into the scientific and public domain, the idea is that our aeronautical knowledge and understanding of flight dynamics will advance with the study of these RODS allowing for a new generation of flight systems to come into the future. It is also important to point out that RODS give off a strong Infrared and Ultraviolet signature that is easy to capture on film with the right camera setup. Further observation within these polarities of light may reveal new discoveries and breakthroughs.

Q: What qualifies to spearhead and produce this film?

No other director can explore this phenomena the way Jose Escamilla (Owner of can do it. He is the original discoverer of the RODS phenomena and his 33 years of experience as a professional film maker and UFO investigator qualifies him as the most qualified to end the debate once and for all: Rods are Real.

Q: How long does it take to receive my Reward?

All T-Shirt and Hat rewards will be delivered within 7 – 10 business days after initial donation. The RODS 14K Gold Ring can take up to 14 business days to receive after initial donation and will be delivered together with any Ensemble purchase. Access to the film will be made available to all qualified donors the night of the premiere.